chef’s 7- course tasting menu $ 159 mil

with premium beverage pairings $ 259 mil


Ensalada de Camarón $ 31mil
shrimp tempura, little gem salad, pickled onions, Moshi caesar dressing, 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano

Ceviche $ 29mil
fish of the day, shrimp, copoazu tiger’s milk, peach palm, rice crackers

Foie Gras “Ko” $ 35mil
shaved torchon, Amazonian Brazil nuts, blueberries, 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano, miso brioche

Tempura $ 33mil
rock shrimp, spicy sweet chili sauce, citrus “kewpie” mayo

Imperial Roll $ 27mil
duck, Moshi five spice, Caribbean palm berry, shiitake, mango & little gems, nuoc cham

Rangoon $ 25mil
wontons: chorizo & crab, Caribbean crème fraîche, pineapple sweet & sour

Tataki $ 33mil
seared Pacific yellowfin tuna , citrus glaze, plantain vinegar cured trout roe, quinoa crack, aged ponzu

Tako $ 35mil
octopus, togarashi tiger’s milk, Andean sweet potato, garlic mayo

Pollo Coreano $ 29mil
Korean fire chicken thighs, Paipa cheese & 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano gratinée

Tostada de Camarón $ 25mil
shrimp toast, salt & pepper brioche, green peppercorn & Meyer lemon kosho


steamed buns / 2 pcs

Veg $ 18mil
“little devil bean” croquette, shiitake, plantain glace, Colombian jicama

El Royal $ 24mil
braised beef collar, chili & plantain vinegar, creole salad

Char Siu $ 24mil
pork confit, pickled yacón, Amazonian tucupí & tamarind hoisin, mint

Elvis $ 24mil
fried chicken, spicy Pasto peanut sambal, sweet plantain

The Rubio $ 24mil
fish of the day, corn nuts, hogao tiger’s milk, cabbage & white sauce, grilled lime


Moshi style open hand roll with crispy nori & seasoned rice / 2 pcs

Spicy Tuna $ 23 mil
Pacific yellowfin tuna, togarashi, sesame, Pisco sour

Camarones $ 23 mil
rock shrimp cocktail, Caribbean crème fraîche, lime-pickled shallot

Spicy Crab $ 23 mil
Caribbean crab, crispy pork belly, “MoshiTNT”


Kao Pat Puu $ 41 mil
Thai style crab fried rice, cured egg yolk, crispy shallots, cilantro, grilled lime

Moshi Burger $ 43 mil
house blend of short rib & tenderloin, Grana Padano, pickled shiitakes, roasted tomatos, mizunas,  “kecap manis”, green peppercorn mustard, Parmigiano Reggiano & nori brioche

Misoyaki $ 46 mil
sweet miso marinated & coconut charcoal grilled fish of the day, crispy duck fat rice, charred little gems, plantain vinegar

Cá Kho Encocado $ 59mil
clay pot braised fish of the day, lobster & rock shrimp, coconut fish sauce caramel, green plantain & egg fried rice, pak choy

Asado de Tira $ 46mil
Malay-style grilled beef short rib, Andean pumpkin, aromatic rice, rendang sauce

Rabo de Toro $ 41mil
coconut charcoal roasted miso glazed bone marrow, oxtail
marmalade, pickled ginger & sesame chimichurri, nori & Parmigiano Reggiano brioche

Bibimbap $ 53mil
coconut rice, oxtail, pickled shiitake, spinach, baby carrot, spicy daikon, farm egg yolk, foie gras emulsion

Khao Soi $ 47mil
grilled rabbit confit, northernThai curry, pickled mustard greens, yuca flour noodles

Ramen de Cerdo $ 45mil
yuca flour noodles, jowl bacon broth, chicharrón, pickled hearts of palm, “kamaboko”, onsen egg, ember roasted scallions, tamarind

Mu Shoo $ 45mil
spiced & braised pork shoulder, shiitake mushrooms, roasted napa cabbage, chive crepes, tucupi hoisin


Matcha Pop $ 16 mil
matcha green tea & rice ice cream popsicle, caramelized white chocolate, puffed rice, matcha green tea meringue

Frutos Rojos $ 16 mil
strawberries, Colombian blackberries, lychee & vanilla ice cream, almond & oat crumble

Yuzu Pop $ 16 mil
black coconut & yuzu ice cream popsicle, laminated coconut

Piña para La Niña $ 16 mil
sake caramel grilled goldhoney pineapple, coconut candy ice cream

Caribe $ 16 mil
Caribbean crème fraîche & toasted marshmallow ice cream, corozo palm fruit, coconut arequipe, coconut, cashew & honeycomb crumbs